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Remember you can also include videos in your blogs. Here are some examples.

Last but not least...


Sites with activities

Find sites to help teachers use fairy tales un class

Weird versions

Look up and list weird versions (with their corresponding links.

Here you can find (read and listen to) a new version for Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf re-written by Roald Dahl in his book Revolting Rhymes. He said: "I wrote these little rhymes as a sort of a joke- I didn't mean them to be serious at all and I'm not sure I even meant them to be published". from http://www.poetryarchive.org/

Take Propp's taxonomy

Analyse a fairy tale with Propp's taxonomy.

Here you have an interesting site to visit.

One story and different versions.

Find a stry for kids and provide the different versions. Comment on similarities and differences. Justify (if possible) the variations.

Again, be careful with pagliarism. Quote if necessary.


Take one story and rewrite the interpretation provided by Bruno Bettelheim. Remember to use your OWN word,.

Be careful with pagliarism!

Stories and more stories

Make a list with the corresponding lists to a set of stories for children.


How did all these people contribute to the analysis of Literature for children?

  1. Vladimir Propp
  2. Bruno Bettelheim
  3. Maria Tatar
  4. Kieran Egan

Write at least three paragraphs for each name.

Several important names in Literature for children.

As you may have seen in literature for children there are many important names:

Browse these sites and write an account of these writers. Don't forget to mention their nationalities, chronology, general characteristics, etc.

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Answer this question first

What is "literature for children"?
Click here for an introduction.
In this site you'll find more useful information.
Feel free to visit other sites to complete your introduction.

Stella :-)

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